Cinereous Vultures are released in the Kresna Gorge

Two of the four released Cinereous vultures have permanently settled in the Kresna Gorge, exploring the area and staying near the feeding site. They have started a core group that will attract, retain, and establish more birds of this species here.

First 9 Cinereous vultures in Kresna gorge

Nine Cinereous vultures were transported to the Kresna Gorge in Bulgaria. The birds were tagged and will be acclimated in the aviary before being released into the wild. They were donated to our country by Spain.

We are a part of the big Bioparc Conservation family

The Bioparc Conservation distributed 524,025 euros to 37 projects in 2023 to save endangered species around the world. Over 4 million euros have been donated since 2001 to conservationists and NGOs on four continents. Vultures reintroduction in Bulgaria is a part of those projects.

Remarkable Surge in Griffon Vulture Population Sets New Record in Bulgaria

This remarkable tally contributes to a national record of 523 griffon vultures, nearly half of the Balkan population (excluding islands). The combined count across all four reintroduction sites in the country—East Balkan Mountain, Vrachanski Balkan, Kresna, and Central Balkan—reached a historic high of 197 individuals.

“My job is to make sure that the bird drinks the next day”, Master Hussain

Mapping watering places mainly in Kotel Mountain and (re)create of tens of fountains with troughs, small ponds, reservoirs. Bai Husein has taken on the role of mentor to our colleague, Stamen Stanchev. Together, they are working to revitalize the once-dry troughs of ancient mountain fountains, ensuring that the cool, gushing water flows once again.

Kick-off Meeting Life For Bearded Vulture

Kick-off Meeting Life For Bearded Vulture

On Sep 25, 2023, in Sofia, we officially launched “Bearded Vulture LIFE” (#101113869 LIFE22-NAT-BG-Bearded Vulture LIFE), whose goal is to bring back the Bearded Vulture, which has disappeared from nature. It unites the efforts of 8 partners from 3 European countries.

Kresna’s Griffon Vultures Spending Summer 2023 in Rila Mountain - map

Kresna’s Griffon Vultures Spending Summer 2023 in Rila Mountain

In the summer of 2023, a group of griffon vultures from the Kresna Gorge (over 30) spent their summer in the Rila National Park and Rila Monastery Nature Park. It marked the first year of a new griffon vulture colony in Kresna Gorge, choosing Rila over Pirin.