an EU LIFE Programme Project

Bearded Vulture LIFE

reestablishment of the Bearded and the Cinereous vultures in Bulgaria and on the Balkans

The Bearded and the Cinereous vultures are globally near-threatened species and are listed under the “Extinct” category in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria. Thanks to continuous conservation initiatives the Cinereous vulture has already started its return to the Bulgarian lands.

Building on our achievements so far, the Bearded Vulture LIFE project aims to restore the species in Bulgaria and on the Balkans and to support the successfully restored Cinereous vulture population in the country.


Bearded Vulture is the symbol of Bulgarian nature conservation, depicted on all protected areas and objects for decades. The first ever ex-situ breeding of the Bearded vulture was launched in the Royal Sofia Zoo in 1916.


Cinereous Vulture became the founder species of the Royal Sofia Zoo in 1888 and vultures were the first ever protected species in the country in 1897. As a result of a reintroduction project, 5 chichks have hatched in Bulgaria until 2023.

Vultures face numerous threats

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You too can help the vultures

„Bearded Vulture LIFE” is co-financed with 80% by the EU programme LIFE and French Bioparc Conservation and Sainte – Croix Biodiversite.
For the remaining 20% we need your help.

Together we can help the restoration and survival of these endangered birds in our skies!