FWFF at “Knowledge for Natura 2000” Forum

FWFF participation in the “Knowledge for Natura 2000” Forum in Bansko

Our team participated in a forum “Monitoring the effect of launched measures on species and habitat preservation and maintenance” organized by the “Knowledge for Natura 2000” project with the Ministry of Environment and Water in Bansko. We addressed the prevention of predator poisoning, shared detection protocols, and highlighted the severity of the issue in front of state representatives from national and nature parks and wildlife agencies.

FWFF at “Knowledge for Natura 2000” Forum

We introduced an innovative Wildlife Poisoning/Poaching Early Warning System using GPS vulture tracking, garnering interest for broader applications in Bulgaria’s nature conservation efforts.

The meeting included a visit to the Kresna Gorge, showcasing vulture adaptation and release activities and vulture-friendly territory management.

FWFF at “Knowledge for Natura 2000” Forum

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