Habitat loss and degradation

Forestry operations, including tree-felling during breeding seasons, undergrowth clearing, and new track construction for timber extraction, disturb and alter nesting habitats for Cinereous Vultures. Dry weather patterns, socio-economic changes, and forest abandonment have led to an increase in forest fires, which can be devastating for vultures’ habitats. For instance, one fire destroyed eight nests with young vultures and 21 empty breeding platforms in Andalucía.

Bearded Vulture, which nests on cliffs, is less impacted by changes in nesting habitats. However, man-made structures like ski lifts in mountainous areas can lead to collisions or habitat fragmentation.

Combating threat in the project

  • Launching pilot measures for vulture-friendly forest management of a minimum of 120 ha of forests to establish CV-suitable nesting habitat. Wide promotion and demonstration of this model practice to other forest managers with the potential for the establishment of CV nesting pairs. Installation of 40 artificial nest platforms to improve the current conditions in PA.
  • Increase the size (with new 45 ha), accomplish and manage 3-5 model agro-sylvo pastoral complexes/CV breeding habitat of 150-200 ha of private protected area in line with the private land conservation approach, in order to achieve safe breeding and foraging ground for a core of at least 10 pairs of CV.
  • Reinforce key prey species, including threatened and conservation-dependent species (e.g. Deer, Chamois, European Souslik (listed EN in the IUCN Red list) and other small mammals, Rock Partridge (NT), Common Tortoise (VU), Hermann’s Tortoise (NT) etc.), improving their conservation status and population trends in the project areas;


You too can help the vultures

„Bearded Vulture LIFE” is co-financed with 80% by the EU programme LIFE and French Bioparc Conservation and Sainte – Croix Biodiversite.
For the remaining 20% we need your help.

Together we can help the restoration and survival of these endangered birds in our skies!