FWFF Deer Release Program - Sakar

Boast FWFF Deer Release Program Due to Rising Tagged Vulture Activity in Sakar SPA

Tagged vulture visits in the Sakar SPA are increasing. In mid-October, we observed a record of 5 Cinereous and 34 Griffon vultures there. It’s likely that untagged Cinereous vultures nested there in 2023. This area is strategically located between three Cinereous vulture cores: Kotel, Eastern Rhodopes, and Turkey, accommodating birds from multiple colonies. Vultures are drawn to free-grazing cow herds in electric enclosures.

The FDFF maintains a 60-decare enclosure in Levka with 65 fallow deer for the Deer Release Program, which supports vultures. Releasing deer into vulture reintroduction sites enhances their natural food supply, reducing predator attacks on domestic livestock and minimizing human-predator conflicts.

The program receives support from Bulgarian zoos, like Sofia Zoo, Karnobat Zoo, and Aitos Zoo, which donate deer for the Program.

The LIFE program of the European Union finances the “Life for the Bearded Vulture” project (project 101113869 LIFE22-NAT-BG-Bearded Vulture LIFE).

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