“BEARDED VULTURE LIFE” (project #101113869 LIFE22-NAT-BG-Bearded Vulture LIFE)

Aim of the project:

The project targets the reestablishment of Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) and Cinereous Vulture (Aegypius monachus) in Bulgaria and the Balkans.

The duration of the project

7 years (August 2023–July 2030)

Bearded Vulture LIFE - project logo
Project logo


“Green Balkans – Stara Zagora” NGO, Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna, Foundation EkoObshtnost, EVN – Elektropradelenie Yug EAD, Severozapadno Darzhavno Predpriyatie – Vratsa, “Sinite kamani” Nature Park Directorate from Bulgaria, Vulture Conservation Foundation from the Netherlands and the Milvus Group Association from Romania

Green Balkans
Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna
Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation
EVN – Elektrorazpredelenie Yug EAD (EP Yug)
Vulture Conservation Foundation
Natural Park “Blue Stones”
Severozapadno Darjavno Predpiatie – Vratza
Milvus Group


The European Union provides co-financing of 75%, Bioparc Conservation and Sainte – Croix Biodiversite

Bioparc de Doué-la-Fontaine
Sainte-Croix Biodiversité
EU LIFE programme
Bright Future for Black Vulture in Bulgaria (2015-2022) - Project Logo

Bright Future for the Cinereous Vulture

LIFE project, completed in the years 2015-2022.
Learn more about its goals and the achieved results.