Electrocution and collision with energy infrastructure (powerlines)

Bird deaths caused by electrocution on pylons and collisions with power lines and cables are well-documented. Since the start of the Griffon Vulture local reintroduction projects in the Balkan Mountains and Kresna SPA in 2010, over 35 Griffon Vultures and at least two Cinereous Vultures have been killed by electrocution while perching on unsafe electricity pylons in these protected areas. This is especially problematic in flat areas with limited perching options and near concentration points like roosting and feeding sites. While Cinereous Vultures are less prone to electrocution due to their perching habits, Bearded Vultures are susceptible to collisions with power lines, ski lifts, and cable car infrastructure.

Combating threat in the project

Experience from the LIFE14NAT/BG/649 project has shown that mortality from electrocution and collision can be reduced by increasing the number of isolated infrastructure installations in the area. The current proposal aims to limit the threat of electrocution by safeguarding 600 poles from the most dangerous power lines identified within the Project’s target areas.


You too can help the vultures

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