FWFF provides conservation support to leading project partners in Vrachanski Balkan SPA (BG0002053).

Vrachanski Balkan SPA is sparsely populated but attracts tourists due to its historical sites and unique landscapes. It’s a protected karst region with remarkable rock formations, including Vratsata, the tallest vertical limestone walls in Europe at low altitude. The area boasts over 500 caves and precipices, making it Bulgaria’s richest cave region.

Vrachanski Balkan SPA was among the sites targeted by the Vultures Return in Bulgaria LIFE08 NAT/BG/278 Project where the reintroduction of Griffon Vultures took place since 2010-2016, resulting in the successful breeding of 20-25 pairs. The site consistently hosts 60-80 Griffon Vultures, including birds tagged from various countries. Existing facilities, feeding site, and local support are in place.

Cinereous Vulture releases in 2020 within the LIFE14NAT/BG/649 led to the formation of a group of 18-23 individuals and 6-7 pairs in 2023. The site is also suitable for Bearded Vulture reintroduction, as indicated in the feasibility study by Parvanov et al. in 2018.

Project area - Vrachanski Balkan
Project area - Vrachanski Balkan

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