Sustainable Farming Initiatives

Boost Sustainable Farming Initiatives at Vulture Reintroduction Areas and Ecosystems

FDFF has initiated improvements of own livestock farms at vulture reintroduction areas.

Farms keep autochthonous breeds of livestock in Kotel and Kresna Gorge. They provide a consistent food source for vultures and serve as headquarters for project staff and volunteers.

Livestock herds of Kotel and Karakachan sheep in Kotel and Rhodope shorthorn cattle in Kresna graze year-round, managing over 500 ha of pasture for vulture benefit.

Sheep farm - Sustainable Farming

These pastures are also habitats for Suslics and tortoises. Cinereous vultures’ nests are established in oak trees within a dehesa-style landscape on the pastures.

Grazing enhances the overall ecosystem, preventing fires and erosion while creating diverse habitats for various plant and animal species.

The LIFE program of the European Union finances the “Life for the Bearded Vulture” project (project 101113869 LIFE22-NAT-BG-Bearded Vulture LIFE).

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